WESTCOTT MERCANTILE goods & good company

It seems I can’t get enough of Belmont! It’s been 9 years since Westcott Mercantile opened its doors in Cushing Square at 438 Common Street. Since then the business has grown and developed, with 2 moves, 4 locations in Belmont, 2 construction additions, thousands of customer stories heard and countless amazing employees! I’ve been courted by surrounding towns, other business owners, real estate agents and even customers to open locations elsewhere. But, Belmont is where I hang my hat!

The business model I envisioned 12 years ago was an old-style gift shop that was able to showcase local, regional and international artisans, “goods with stories”. Stories that we tell when you’re in the store and stories that you can tell when presenting the gift. These connections are what makes my business unique and what I find most important in life….connections. 

A ‘mercantile’ harkens back to earlier, simpler times when the town center has a mercantile that was the meeting place for people near and far. Where you knew the shopkeeper, could visit with friends, purchase goods and spend time in the town center before returning to your home, usually a good distance away. 

This business is so gratifying because it is a platform to “do good”. Fundraisers and local promotions are what energize me. Coming up with new and unique ways to raise money for different causes, give back to the community and to share ideas and platforms with other like-minded business owners. The addition of selling goods by makers with stories are all part of why I continue to thrive and grow in an industry that is slowly dwindling. 

This dream has become a reality for me. Today alone I had 2 customers from Waltham, 3 from Newton, 1 new customer from Arlington and several from Concord! Some customers come in for the music, usually a mix of Doris Day, Nat King Cole, Glenn Miller and Billie Holiday just to name a few. Many come in to shop and are taken back in time with the comfortable old-time feel of the store and the friendly nature of our staff. 

To that end, I am at the final stage of my career and have been working behind the scenes to create an even bigger and better shopping experience. In 2022, unfortunately Belmont Center lost a restaurant, due to the covid, that was located immediately next to me. While the idea of transforming a restaurant with 4 stoves, 3 refrigerators, 2 ovens, a 10’ hood, a bar and built-in banquets was daunting…it was now or never. We are expanding our location and the new store will be located at 61-63 Leonard Street with 3200 square feet of FUN!

I am thrilled to announce that we will be holding a GRAND RE-OPENING on Thursday evening May 26th, 2022. 

Stay tuned for more images, as the work progresses