Everyday Art Treat Gift Basket
Everyday Art Treat Gift Basket
Everyday Art Treat Gift Basket
Everyday Art Treat Gift Basket

Everyday Art Treat Gift Basket

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Pocket Art features 100 artistic prompts to unleash your creativity. And some Local Cape Cod Chocolate to keep that creativity flowing!

In Pocket Art, Lorna Scobie, encourages you to be confident with your art, embrace mistakes and to have fun along the way. It is full of activities to help kickstart your creativity, and the activities have been divided into three categories—art for relaxing, art for looking, and art for inspiration—so you can feel inspired no matter what mood you're in.

We've paired with the Marimekko's most beloved pattern Unikko in 5 different colorways, this chic set of 10 graphite pencils brings lively style to every writing endeavor.

Included in the gift basket are 3 of the finest local chocolate bars we could find!


Delicate sea salt crystals adorn rich dark chocolate, providing a light saltiness to satisfy the senses. This best-selling, fan-favorite bar flies off the shelves all year round. This bar commemorates Welfleet's famous ocean beaches, lush estuaries, and impressive wildlife with this sea-inspired bar. 

Origin: Dominican Republic Cacao Content: 72%


We celebrate Cape Cod's cranberry legacy by sourcing the ingredients for this bar from a family that has been growing the crop for three generations. Rich dark chocolate sourced from the Dominican Republic adds depth to tart dried cranberries. You can't get much more "Cape Cod" than Chequessett Chocolate Chatham Cranberry!

Origin: Dominican Republic  Cacao Content: 70%


An elevated take on a classic crunch bar, the Nantucket Nib Crunch bar pairs silky Dominican dark chocolate with perfectly roasted cacao nibs for a satisfying, textured treat. Cacao nibs—fragments of the cacao beans—bring complex, nutty flavors that compliment the dark chocolate's subtle sweetness. Not only are cacao nibs delicious, but they are also packed with nourishing antioxidants that promote healthy digestion and prevent heart disease. 

A ferry ride away from Cape Cod, the island of Nantucket features historical seaport architecture, striking beaches, and a charming town center. This bar honors Nantucket with a bar that is naturally elegant and rich with character, just like the town. 

Origin: Dominican Republic Cacao Content: 77%


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